03 Bingo

Blind Bingo

Last Tuesday (9th August), Chris Hare and Ann Feloy from the Journey in Time project were invited to the weekly meeting of West Worthing Rotary Club at the Tudor Close in Ferring.

Charles Pressley of the club demonstrated the ‘Blind Bingo’ created by past member and former town mayor, Arthur Bowles, back in the 1960s.

05 Bingo
The blind bingo player, assisted by a sighted helper, was able to mark off their numbers as they were called out by correlating them to a series of pegs laid out on a small board in front of them. The idea was very simple but allowed the blind community in Worthing to enjoy one of the UK’s most popular games with ease.

Charles Pressley can be seen on the right of the photographs, seated and calling out the numbers.

Photos are reproduced courtesy of David Chapman of West Worthing Rotary.